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Hope sprang
Felt like the stars were aligned
Then I saw two hands touchin
Fingers intertwined

So I had another beer
Decided it was time for me to go
Wished I could keep hopin and forget
What I didn’t want to know

It was dark and it was rainin
Both inside and out
Thought faith was leadin me home
But I know you’re not for me now; there isn’t any doubt

I sat down in my car and I figured I’d go for a drive
But I didn’t start er up
I didn’t start er up
I didn’t start er up
I just cried

I listened to my dreams
And I cast the I Ching
Checked out my horoscope
Attending to every little thing

And I prayed
Just like when I was a kid
Psychoanalyzed my ego
Tried to liberate my id

And it felt like it was all pointin to you
And sayin you were for me
Just like it had been pre-destined
In Eternity

But that pattern got shattered
Like it was all a lie
Felt like cursing God but I didn’t
Felt like cursing God but I didn’t
Felt like cursing God but I didn’t
I just cried

I guess I let my enthusiasm
Get the better of me
Thought of you as my mountaintop
Now I’m back in this death-shadowed valley
I dreamed I’d kiss and be kissed touch and be touched
So tenderly
But now that dream is over
It’s over so suddenly

Like a punch in the gut
And I still can’t breathe
Somethin won’t let go
Of this dream about you and me
It’s like a wall
And I can’t get around
Or over or through so high
So wide so deep in the ground

Maybe I oughtta take my shot
Give it one more try
Roll the dice; See if I
Could win against this guy

And I want to believe
I want to keep hope alive
But I just don’t have it in me
I just don’t have it in me
I just don’t have it in me
So I’ll just cry

Copyright 2010 by Neal Kosaly-Meyer


from Rocks and Glass, released January 8, 2015
Music and Lyrics by Neal Kosaly-Meyer

Arranged by Your Mother Should Know

Neal Kosaly-Meyer, Electric Guitar, Bass, Vocal

Karen Eisenbrey, Drums

Mike Gervais, Alto and Tenor Sax

Recorded and Mixed by Jake Thompson at Pouch's practice space and the Tintinabulary

Mastered by Steve Turnidge at UltraViolet Studios

Photo by Joe Mabel



all rights reserved


Your Mother Should Know Seattle, Washington

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